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Sensory Service

Provide support and guidance for people with visual sight or an hearing impairment in the Vale of Glamorgan


After an assessment we can provide specialist services to eligible people to best meet their needs.


Visual Sight and Hearing Impairments

After been certified by a consultant, we can register people as sight or hearing impaired, either partially or severely.


Following a specialist assessment of your needs, we could provide:

  • Training and equipment to promote your safety and independence
  • Referral to other agencies or professionals for information, advice and services
  • Care support within your own home and to help you use community facilities
  • Support and advice to young people aged 18-25 while they move from school to further education and work.

Please note: We only provide equipment to people with a working hearing aid after being assessed by an audiologist, except in special circumstances.

Deaf Sign Language Users

After an assessment of your needs carried out by professionals with sign language skills, we can provide a number of support and services.


We could provide:

  • Information and advice in British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Support and advice to young people aged 18 – 25
  • Registering people with the local authority
  • Liaising with other agencies including promoting equal access to services for Deaf people
  • Specialist equipment to promote independence
  • Home carers and specialist support workers with BSL skills who have had deaf awareness/equality training

If you know someone who might require our help and support, please contact:

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