Learning Disabilities

If you have (or someone you know has) a learning disability and think you may need support, we can arrange for a social worker to carry out an assessment to talk with you about how you want to be supported with day to day life.


People with learning disabilities may:

  • Find it difficult to understand new or complicated information or learn new skills.
  • Find it difficult to cope with parts of their day to day life without support.


Support, Resources and Information

The Community Support Team has collated information they feel may be of use to those they support and their carers. It includes information about organisations and services for carers, community support, education resources, transport, work and volunteering, health and wellbeing, activities and the Integrated Autism Service:



The Community Support Team (CST) supports citizens (or individuals) and their carers to complete wellbeing assessments developed collaboratively focussing on an individual’s strengths and personal outcomes. If the assessment identifies any eligible care and support needs, the team will support the individual to explore ways in which they can meet their personal outcomes in a meaningful way, delivered via a care and support plan. This may include a referral to support planners.


To access the Community Support Team, you must request an assessment:

To request an assessment you (or the person you are referring) must be 18 years old or older and have a Learning Disability.


Request an Assessment


Support Planning

We work alongside the Community Support Team. We can support you if you have a diagnosed learning disability and need support to explore your future goals and aspirations.


We can help you draw up a plan or pathway to achieve your goals and aspirations, and explore what support you will need. You will be allocated a Support Planner who will meet you and the people who are close to you, to help you think about what’s important to you.

Examples of ways we can help you:

  • Researching new opportunities local to you e.g. sports clubs

  • Signposting you to new activities in your area e.g. training courses

  • Creating a plan to help you achieve your goals e.g helping you find volunteering work leading to paid work

  • Arranging and attending taster sessions e.g. initially coming with you to volunteer roles

  • Route planning to community activities

We accept referrals from the Community Support Team. Please contact your case manager for more information. If you aren't open to the team and feel you need extra support, please request an assessment:


Request an Assessment 


Learning Disability Day Opportunities


Who do we support?

We provide meaningful day opportunities to adults with a learning disability, who also have a complex presentation of need.


We can support:

  • People with a learning disability who may also have other conditions

  • People with additional health requirements

  • People with complex needs that require medication both daily and/or in an emergency situation

  • People who need extra help with personal care

  • People with auditory and sensory impairments


The list of people we can provide support to isn’t exhaustive and each referral will be considered on an individual basis.


What we do? 

We are located in Barry and deliver day opportunities from our two bases, as well as various community locations, serving citizens across the whole of the Vale.


We work with each person as an individual, building weekly programmes to empower them to achieve well-being outcomes or goals in areas such as work and volunteering, learning and independent living skills, healthy living, exercise and leisure, art and culture. We use person-centred planning so people have choice and control over their daily lives. We do ‘ordinary’ things in ‘ordinary’ places, with members of the local community.


Our service makes people feel valued, increases their independence, reduces social isolation and maximises their potential. We provide valuable, local respite to families and carers, enabling people to stay closer to home.


To access the service, you must request an assessment:


Request an Assessment


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