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Cardiff Capital Region City Deal

Cardiff Capital Region is an area consisting of the ten local authorities in South East Wales. The local authorities in the region have joined forces to tackle regional issues and implement a new City Deal.


The Cardiff Capital Region involves the Vale of Glamorgan and 9 other local authorities: Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Monmouthshire, Newport, Rhondda Cynon Taf, and Torfaen, working together to deliver the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal between 2016 and 2025.


This Cardiff Capital Region City Deal will develop stronger and more effective leadership across the Cardiff Capital Region, enabling the ten local authority leaders to join up decision making, pool resources and work more effectively with local businesses. 


Cardiff Capital Region City Deal is a £1.2 billion programme that over its lifetime is expected to deliver up to 25,000 new jobs and leverage an additional £4 billion of private sector investment.  


This Cardiff Capital RegionCity Deal is expected to unlock significant economic growth across the Cardiff Capital Region and provides improved transport connectivity, increasing skill levels, supports people into work, and gives businesses the support they need to innovate and grow. 


Leadership and strategic direction is provided by the Cardiff Capital Region Board established by the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport in November 2013. The Board brings together representatives from the business community, education sectors and local authorities to provide advice on the development and growth of the Region.


The Cardiff Capital Region Board has published its strategic vision for the Region. Entitled " Powering the Welsh Economy", it focuses on the opportunity for improved regional alignment and collaboration around key themes that represent the foundation for growth for the Cardiff Capital Region: 

  • Connectivity: Deliver an integrated infrastructure which allows an effective, efficient and sustainable movement of people, goods and information, regionally, nationally and internationally 
  • Skills: Our Region and our people are recognised globally for having the skills for life that meet the needs of our businesses and our communities.
  • Innovation and growth: Support a thriving business community with international recognition, driven by an entrepreneurial culture and leading academic research.
  • Identity: Build a vibrant and internationally recognised Cardiff Capital Region synonymous with quality of life.

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