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The Vale Economy

Information about the economy, people and businesses of the Vale of Glamorgan.


The Vale of Glamorgan is a diverse part of Wales, including both rural areas and urban centres. The area benefits from good road, sea, rail and air links and is well placed within the region for employment and business development. Find out more about the Vale's economy and what makes it tick using the data sources provided.



Our people

According to the Office of National Statistics, the Vale of Glamorgan's population has been steadily growing. Approximately 61% of our residents are of working age (16-64 years of age) and 7,600 people describe themselves as self-employed. 


To get the most up to date information about the population of the Vale, including information about the total population, age  and diversity, explore the Labour Market Profile for the Vale at Office of National Statistics (NOMIS).

Graph of businesses in the Vale

Our employers

In 2016, there were 4,110 business enterprises in the Vale of Glamorgan, many of which are micro businesses employing less than 10 employees. In 2016, the largest number of Vale employees were in the 'Professional, Scientific and Technical' sectors, followed by the 'Construction' and 'Retail' sectors. 


For more detailed information and the latest economic activity statistics, such as the labour force, businesses and earnings, visit the Office of National Statistics (NOMIS).

Aerial view of Barry Island

Our communities

In 2016, as part of the ‘Let’s Talk’ engagement, the Vale Council developed community profiles that highlighted the key issues facing our communities. These community profiles include demographic information and other key statistics that highlight the diversity of the Vale of Glamorgan and give deeper insight into the make up of our communities. Community profiles were generated for the Vale of Glamorgan, Barry, the Eastern Vale, and Western Vale

Statistics Resources

There are a wealth of web-based resources available to you to gather good business intelligence about your customers and to explore the Vale's economy. Explore some of the links provided here for additional information.

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Info Base Cymru

Local information data search to find out neighbourhood specific information.

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Search for Ward-specific information from the Office of National Statistics.

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Stats Wales

Business, economic and labour market statistical data from the Welsh Government.

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