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The 1st Edition of our “Invest in the Vale of Glamorgan” is now available online.

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This brochure has given us the opportunity to celebrate all that is unique about working and living in the Vale and showcases the range of extremely successful businesses.


The Council will continue to work hard to promote the Vale of Glamorgan in partnership with CCRCD as an attractive location for inward investment and looks forward to working with you

in the future”


Invest in the Vale of Glamorgan 

£118,000 awarded to community venues across the Vale

Twelve community venues in the Vale of Glamorgan have been awarded a total of £118,683 from the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Strong Communities Grant Fund.

£118,000 awarded to community venues;

Take a look at our latest Strong Communities Grant Fund Progress Report!


Third sector organisations have been truly inspirational in delivering a wide range of eligible projects under the Strong Communities Fund. The report brings you an insight into the objectives of the Grant.


The Strong Communities  grants approved to date will contribute towards the delivery of projects with an overall value in excess of £1.1 million, all of which offer far reaching benefits to communities across the Vale. 


Through support for training, leisure or social activities and for the many organisations and volunteers who provide these, our grants are helping more people across the Vale to access services that they have identified as much needed.


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Strong Communities Grant Fund Progress Report



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