Bags and Containers

This page contains information about what bags and containers are available for you as a Vale resident if you are recycling in our kerbside collection service.


We are unable to collect any recycling put out for collection in incorrect containers e.g plastic bags, black bags. 


Please remember to place items kerbside (or in your communal bin area) by 7.00am on your waste management day.


Office opening hours:

  • Alps Depot: Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 5:00pm and Friday 8:30pm - 4:30pm



Blue Recycling Bags

Reusable recycling blue bags are available from the Alps in Wenvoe and all Vale libraries.


They are made from the same material as our garden waste bags, but have a concealed weight and a velcro flap that can be easily open and closed and should therefore minimise the amount of recycling that is blown across the streets during adverse weather conditions.


Items that can be placed in Blue Bags: Paper, glass, cans, card, plastic, empty aerosols, cartons, clean foil



Recycling box with net

Recycling Boxes 

Boxes can be collected from the Alps Depot and Barry Library 


Items that can be placed in Boxes: Paper, glass, cans, card, plastic, empty aerosols, cartons, clean foil



Kitchen waste caddy and bags

Food Waste Kits and Bags

If you need a new Food Waste Kit then you can collect one from the Alps office in Wenvoe or Barry Library. Kits includes a food recycling caddy and a lockable roadside caddy.



If you run out of food waste bags, simply tie one on the handle of your kerbside caddy and the collection crew will leave you a new roll inside your caddy.


Alternatively, bags are available from Barry Library, Cowbridge Library, Dinas Powys Library, Llantwit Major Library, Penarth Library, St Athan Library, Sully Library, Dinas Powys Community Council, the Alps Depot and the Civic Offices.


Food items that can be placed in Kitchen Waste Bag include:

Beans, pasta, rice, bread, cakes, pastries, dairy products, egg shells, meat and fish, tea bags, coffee grounds, cat and dog food, guinea pig, rabbit, bird mix and seeds and plate scrapings. 



Garden Waste Bag

Garden Waste Bags 

Your garden waste must be placed in an official garden waste bag. Green waste that is contained in any other container will not be collected.


When filling your bag please exercise common sense as how full / heavy to fill it. If you struggle to lift it, so will our crews.


Bags can be purchased from the Dock Offices, The Alps Depot, either Barry, Llantwit Major, Cowbridge or Penarth libraries and West House, Penarth.


Items that can be placed in Garden Waste Bags:  Grass, Shrub cuttings, Leaves, Plants, Flowers, Most weeds and Hedge Clippings.


Reusable Bags Cost: £2 each 

Yellow Hygiene Caddy

Hygiene Caddies

We can supply you with a lockable caddy to store hygiene items in. (Either yellow, grey or black in colour - sorry you can't specify, it depends what we have in stock).


Line your caddy with a strong bag - such as a black bag and pop soiled items in. The contents will be collected on the same week as your black bag is.


Please tie your bag before leaving it out for collection. If you have a black bag you can leave this kerbside if this is more convenient than carrying the caddy out, however any other coloured bag must be tied and left in your caddy for the crew to collect it.


Items that can be placed in Hygiene Caddies:  Nappies, incontinence pads and sanitary towels. 


Cost: £2 each

Black Bin Bag

Black bags

Most items can now be easily recycled and are collected each week. All items that can't be recycled should be placed in a black bag. In theory there should be very few things left to put in your black bag. 


Items to be placed in black bin bags: Material such as polystyrene, crisp packets and hygiene items should be just a few things disposed of this way.


Cracking down on residents who disregard the law 

The council will be taking action against residents who leave their bin bags out too early, or on the wrong day, following numerous complaints from the public. Not only is it unlawful for people to deposit household waste on our streets on non-collection days, but it is an act of total disregard to their neighbours and the environment.

Cleansing staff, supported by rapid response teams, will be assessing refuse problems, particularly in areas with multiple occupancy dwellings such as flats, where residents are more likely to suffer waste storage issues between collections.