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Street Naming and Property Numbering

Information and guidance for the naming and numbering of properties and streets in the Vale of Glamorgan.


Cabinet members, local ward members, and town and community council members are involved in the street naming process, which is carried out in accordance with our quality Assurance procedure.


We consult with the Royal Mail Address Management Centre before assigning new names and numbers. Once agreed and the Royal Mail has confirmed a postcode we notify:

  • Public utilities
  • Emergency services
  • Land Registry
  • Ordnance Survey
  • Relevant Council services

Please Note: It is important to contact us before a newly formed property is occupied. Many companies will not connect their services or agree contracts until the Royal Mail and us have registered an address.


To check if a property is registered visit the Royal Mail's postcode finder.


New Builds

New individual properties are generally built on infill land, large gardens or on the site of previously demolished properties.


If a new dwelling is built between two others, in a numbered sequence, usually an “a” is given to the number of the dwelling to its right e.g. 12a. A requested name can also be given.


Where building takes place on the site of a demolished property, the new building will inherit the existing number.

Converted Properties

When a property is converted into multiple flats, or a new property is formed in an existing building, the changes must be communicated to us and registered with the Royal Mail.


In the case of conversion to flats the location of delivery points and letter boxes must be indicated on a plan to allow the delivery of post.

House Names

You should notify the Council of any new build house names or changes to existing names for adoption by the Council.


We request that any name chosen is not similar to any other in the immediate locality.


There is a charge of £160.00 for this service.


You are required to pay in advance by cheque. Please make cheques payable to: 'The Vale of Glamorgan Council'


Please return to:

Street Naming and Numbering

Vale of Glamorgan Council

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