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Snow Clearing 

During snow we clear and plough primary salting routes in the Vale including A and B roads, main roads, access to hospitals, fire stations and other important facilities


During the worst weather we cannot guarantee every road will always be kept open. Only when main roads are clear, will we work on other roads.



Snow plough

We concentrate our efforts on a defined network of principal roads (priorities are determined by weather conditions):

  • Major roads between towns and strategic routes on the defined network
  • Distributor roads leading to the defined network from the smaller towns and villages
  • All remaining routes and responding to reports of emergencies on unclassified roads
  • Footways in shopping areas

It may not be possible to clear every road, and some roads may have to be left to thaw naturally. 


Snow ploughs only work effectively when snow is more than 5cm (2 inches) deep, they also cannot clear areas on roads that have road humps or similar traffic calming measures or narrow roads with parked cars.


We have an approved snow clearance footpath network which is treated when snow requires clearing. This network covers locations where there is the greatest number of pedestrians such as pedestrianised shopping areas. This service is subject to resources being available as our priority is in clearing the primary road network.