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A pothole is where the surface of the road has been eroded and a dip or hollow is formed; not all holes are deep enough to be officially classed by us as a pothole. 


Our inspectors regularly review roads by following a predetermined schedule (including road classification and route importance).


Each observed defect is recorded with an assigned repair timescale.


Consideration is given to the potential hazard in accordance with our safety inspection policy, such as:

  • Position of the pothole within the carriageway
  • Size and depth of the pothole
  • Road classification, traffic type, speed and volume

Report a Pothole

You can report potholes by completing our simple online form

To qualify for repair the pothole must be at least 40mm (1.5 inches) and extend in any direction by at least 300mm (just over the size of a sheet of A4 paper) - please don't measure potholes, it is dangerous.


Report a Pothole Online

Please note: We aim to fix all reported potholes within 28 working days (or sometimes longer depending upon the on site assessment). However potholes that are identified in a high risk area are repaired within 24 hours.


Remember, not every pothole is deep enough to qualify to be repaired. Potholes that are too shallow a pothole will be ineffective if repaired and the problem will return often in a few days. Similarly, it may be that multiple potholes in an area have been marked up as part of our three year road surfacing plan.