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Alley Gates

The Alley Gates project is intended to make your community even safer, by installing high quality, laser cut steel, galvanised and powder coated, fully lockable gates


Ally gates are fitted to lanes or alleys at the back of homes. They are a deterrent to burglars and help to stop anti-social and illegal activities. Lanes will be much safer locations and provide a quiet haven for family use.


Ally gates are provided in partnership with the South Wales Police. Additional members are the Fire and Ambulance services. Funding for the provision of the gates has been secured via the Welsh Government, Europe and the Safer Vale Partnership.   


Please Note: Where adopted highways exist, these lanes will remain adopted and controlled/maintained by us and where private -they will remain private. 


How the Scheme Works

If you live in an area where alley gates are in place, you will be issued with a key that opens the relevant gates - these will not open any alley gates in other areas.


Request an alley gate key


Master keys are held by us, emergency services and various utility companies.


Most alley gates are maintained by us at the Council. Gates on private housing association land will be maintained by the Housing Association.

Report a problem with an alley gate

To report an Alley Gate problem please complete our online form or contact Visible Services:


Report a problem with an alley gate


If you see these gates being damaged, vandalised or attacked in any way, please contact the Police (dial 999).

Please Note: When we need to close a rear lane a traffic order is then put in place. (Powers are contained within Sections 1 and 2 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984). Statutory consultation with all prescribed bodies is carried out, signs are displayed on site/in the local press advising of our proposals and letters are sent to each affected property.