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Gritting-VehicleGritting and Salt Containers

From October to April, temperature and weather dependant, we provide a Winter Service. Salting is normally undertaken any time between 6.30pm and 7.00am outside of peak traffic periods.


The decision to salt roads with dry rock salt is based on the road surface temperature and not the air temperature. There are 8 ice stations strategically installed to assist with providing real-time data.


These are located at: A4226 Five Mile Lane, A4231 Barry Docks Link Road, A48 Colwinston, A48 St Georges, A48 Cowbridge Viaduct, B4265 Wick and B4270 Llandow.


Salting Routes

  • Strategic routes and major roads
  • Important industrial commercial routes
  • Roads providing an access in and out of villages and towns
  • Roads at risk

Salt Containers

Salt containers are provided for residents to use on Council maintained roads and pavements.


Salt is not for private or commercial business use; salt is available from many retail outlets for this purpose. When spread it will help prevent formation of ice and soften snow prior to its removal. We will routinely refill salt containers twice during the winter period and during adverse weather as often as is practicable.


Be sure not to put yourself at risk when spreading the salt or removing snow as it can be physically demanding. We recommend you seek assistance from neighbours where possible, as the Council will not be liable for any injuries.



Request to Refill Salt Container