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Recognition and Commemoration

Review of statues, monuments, street and building names – and suggestions for future recognition and commemoration.


Across the Vale of Glamorgan there are commemorative street and buildings names, plaques, statues and monuments. 


The Council is proactively reviewing all statues and commemorations in the Vale of Glamorgan. This work will ensure statues and commemorations on public land, as well as the names of streets and buildings are representative of local people’s values and those of a modern, inclusive Council. At the same time, the Council is inviting suggestions for people and events that could be recognised or commemorated in the future.


Submit a Commemoration for Review

During 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement brought to the world's attention important issues relating to on-going racism that exists in the world . The Strategic Equality Plan contains details of the anti-racism actions which are underway or planned. However, it is clear that more needs to be done to tackle racism.


The Council’s review of statues, monuments, building and street names covers a range of issues, including tackling racism, as well as ensuring the diversity of all of our communities is appropriately reflected.


If you have seen a commemoration that you think should be reviewed to ensure it is appropriate, please complete an online form. Please ensure you include the location and reason for review.


Submit a Commemoration for Review

Suggest a Person/Event to be Recognised or Commemorated

The review will also consider the future celebration of the diverse communities within the Vale of Glamorgan. If you would like to nominate a person or event to be considered for recognition or commemoration, please complete an online form. Please ensure you include the name and reason for your suggestion. 


Suggest Person/Event to be Recognised or Commemorated


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