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3rd Tranche – Period 23rd April to 6th May, 2020


Register of Fortnightly Managing Director’s Emergency Powers – Coronavirus Pandemic


Further to Minute C295 of 23rd March, 2020 Cabinet meeting, the following are to notify Cabinet of the exercising of Emergency Powers by the Managing Director by reason of the need to ensure that Council business is progressed in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.



Request Title  

Purpose of Request 

EP COVID-19   36

2020/21 Education Asset Renewal Budget and Additional Schools Maintenance Budget Grant

Following further assessment to the terms and conditions of the WG grant, the transfer of some projects is requested between asset renewal schemes and grant funded schemes most applicable to each project.

EP COVID-19   37

Variation of Archaeological Contract in Support of the A4226 Five Mile Lane Road Improvement Scheme

To extend the existing contract with Rubicon to carry out a more intensive evaluation of the finds from the scheme to enable full reporting on the national importance of the dig and the finds.

EP COVID-19   38

Pay Awards (Temporary Basis)

To award a 10% pay increase to all front line essential services staff within a defined group delivering key and essential services during Covid-19.

EP COVID-19   39

Waiving installation fees for Telecare

To waive installation fees for Telecare

EP COVID-19   40

Application for Flexible Retirement


Application for flexible retirement – B.

EP COVID-19   41

Variation Agreement with Parkwood Leisure Limited and Parkwood Holdings Limited

To enable the Council to enter into a written agreement for interim payments to be made to Parkwood Leisure during the Coronavirus shutdown of Leisure Centres.

EP COVID-19   42

Procurement Arrangements During the Pandemic

COVID-19 is serious and its consequences pose a risk to life and it is already clear that in these exceptional circumstances, Authorities may need to procure goods, services and works with extreme urgency. In response the Cabinet office has issued updated procurement guidance.  It is proposed that the new guidance be adopted with immediate effect and that delegated authority be granted to the Managing Director in consultation with the Leader and the Head of Finance to agree individual arrangements under this guidance.

EP COVID-19   43

Application for Flexible Retirement (PART II)

Application for flexible retirement – P.