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Tenant Engagement 

What is Tenant Engagement? There are a number of definitions of tenant participation and engagement, a widely used definition is is provided by TPAS - the Tenant Participation Advisory Service:


“Participation is a two way process involving sharing of information and ideas, where tenants are able to influence decisions and take part in what is happening” (Institute of Housing and TPAS 1989)



Getting Involved

We are committed to getting you involved in the Housing Service as much as possible. This means giving you the chance to be involved in our housing policies and play a part in out plans .for changing our services in the future. We will also give you up-to-date information that is easy to get and easy to understand.


You can find more information in the Tenant Participation Strategy 2012-15.


Find out more:

  • History of Tenant Participation in the Vale
  • Developing the Tenant Participation Strategy 2012-15


Tenant and Resident Groups

There are at present 9 Tenant/Resident Association/Groups active in the Vale of Glamorgan:


Barry Area

  • COMPASS Tenants Association (North Walk, South Walk, East Walk, Awbery House and surrounding areas)
  • Colcot Resident Association
  • Gibbonsdown Residents Board
  • Shakespeare Residents Association - (roads covered: Stratford Green, Avon Close, Green Lane, Hathaway Place, Verona Place, Elm Grove)


  • Longmeadow Residents Group

Llantwit Major

  • Major Residents Group

Dinas Powys

  • Dinas Powys Residents Group


  • Poets' Residents Association - (Redlands area, Tennyson Road, Masefield Road)
  • S.T.A.R. - Saints Tenant and Residents Group (St Lukes Avenue, St Peters Road, St James Court, St Pauls Avenue)

Starting up or getting involved in an existing tenant and resident group is one of the most effective ways to get involved in the housing service. Associations are made up of people who come together to try and improve their local community. They represent the views of the community and work with the Tenant Engagement Team and other organisations on a variety of issues. Tenant and resident groups help their local communities by providing information, offering advice and providing access to other services.



Practical Support

We are keen to offer groups as much support and encouragement as possible. The Tenant Engagement Team and the Housing service staff regularly go to group meetings and offer groups:

  • a start up grant of £300
  • an introductory information pack, 
  • access to training and independent advice.

For more information on setting up or becoming involved in a tenant/resident group please contact Heather Powney on 01446 709895 or Alyson Craggs on 01446 709812.



Other ways to get involved

Tenant Participation is a two way process in which tenants are able to influence decisions and take part in the Housing service. One of the most important ways this happens is through local tenant/resident groups. These groups consist of local people acting in a voluntary capacity to promote and defend the interests of tenants.


You can also apply to join the Tenants' Working Group

This group consists of tenants living throughout the Vale who wish to attend quarterly meetings to discuss housing matters. You can email the team at:



Why should we participate?

There are a number of different reasons why people choose to participate. A main reason is that it provides the opportunity for people to influence changes that directly affect them. It also allows tenants to have a representative voice within housing. Finally a tenants group can campaign on certain issues that affect their local area.



If a group is set up how are they funded?

The group can apply for a “Annual Grant” of £200. The purpose of this grant is to allow groups to effectively communicate with the Council, other agencies and tenants represented by the group. The grant can be used for expenses such as:-

  • Postage
  • Photocopying (individual copies of correspondence)
  • Travel expenses to meetings (if taxis not pre-booked via Tenant Engagement Team) 
  • Tea/coffee for meetings