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Citizen and Professional Portals

The Citizen and Professional Portals are secure websites provided by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


The Portals enable registered users to submit, update, receive and view information on a Child/Young person aged 0 -25.


Professional Portal

Professionals are required to self-register. Please use your work email address when registering for the Professional Portal.


Who can use the Portal:

  • Vale of Glamorgan Council Staff.

  • Health Professionals.

  • Medical Professionals.

  • Social Care Professionals.

  • Schools / Academies.

  • Speech and Language Professionals.

  • Occupational Physio Professionals.

  • Early Years Settings.

  • Professionals that work with Children and Young People.

  • Post 16 Establishments.


What can you do via the Portal?

  • Upload documents securely and directly to the Local Authority.

  • Complete forms online for a Child or Young person you are working with.

  • Submit information for a Child or Young person you are working with.

  • Request Assessments.

  • Complete referrals for the Child/Young person you are working with.

  • Update the Child/Young Persons details.

  • Manage your part in a Child/Young Persons Individual Development Plan.



Access the Professional Portal 


Forms available on the Professional Portal

  • IDP Assessment Request Form – NOT Looked After

  • IDP Assessment Request Form – Looked After Child

  • PEP 1A and 1B

  • PEP 1C

  • PEP 1D

  • Send us Documents e.g. Completed IDP, Medical Report, One Page Profile.


Help and Support



Citizen Portal

Who can use the Portal:

  • Parents

  • Carers

  • A Young Person


What can you do via the Portal?

  • Apply for a school places for your Child/Children.

  • View Submit or Request Information in relation to your Child/Children.

  • View Submit or Request Information if you are a Young Person.


Access the Citizen Portal 


Forms available to you on the Citizen Portal:

  • Request for Individual Assessment Plan 

  • Send us Documents e.g. A copy of your Individual Assessment Plan

  • You View Form – Parent

  • Your View Form – Young Person

  • Young Person Consent



Help and Support 

  • Find out how we use the information you share with us

  • Registering and Creating an Account

  • Adding a Child/Children

  • What to do if you can’t access your account




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