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Health Care and Hospital Tuition for your Child

Is your child compulsory school age? Are you keen to keep up your child's education when they cannot access their classroom? Has there been agreement that your child well enough to access this service? Have they missed 15 days of school this academic year due to being in hospital? (This can be cumulative and counts from more than one stay).


If this criteria applies your child may be entitled to up to one hour per day, one to one funded tuition from the hospital teacher.


Following the advice of medical staff, they will notify your child's school and the local authority. School can arrange a meeting with the family and the LEA representative. This will provide an opportunity to discuss your child's needs and create an appropriate plan to support and establish tuition and obtain consent. 


If agreed, Hospital staff will arrange for a teacher to see your child for up to one hour per day, for each day they are in hospital. If your child is a regular re-admission, tuition will be reviewed with a plan for continuation from the day following their next admission.


Teaching can take place in your child's ward or designated area offering a dynamic and engaging curriculum that can suit your child's medical and educational needs. Tutors are keen to continue any work provided by the school - homework included! 


We can discuss the appropriate level of work for your child and coordinate with school access to their current curriculum.


The tuition will be delivered at the child's pace and within their ability to access depending on their reason and need for hospital admission. Hospital will support and provide a learning environment that is fun - bringing a sense of normality to your child's day.


Vale of Glamorgan Pupil Engagement Team can work directly with your child's school to ensure continuity and consistency with your child's education once they leave the hospital.


Should you wish to find out more please contact us at Pupil Engagement: