Out of School Tuition 

The Out of School Tuition (OOST) tutor provision is part of the Inclusion Team within the Vale of Glamorgan Learning and Skills directorate.


The tutors are all education professionals employed by the Local Authority to support learners who are medically unable to attend their school provision full time.


OOST tutors support these learners both in and out of school settings, primarily with their academic progress. They work with school staff and other professionals to enable an increase in the learners’ access to education and they work together with the aim of a supported return to physical attendance.


How do learners get OOST support?

Most learners come to the OOST team after a school has made a referral to the Local Authority’s Social and Emotional and Mental Health Panel (SEMHP).


Before a school applies to the SEMHP for support and advice, they need to ask the child’s parents/ carers for their consent to do so.  Medical evidence of need will form part of the SEMHP referral.


OOST is one of the possible ways the Local Authority can offer extra support. Sometimes, OOST learners will already be known to the Inclusion Team and be receiving support via other Local Authority teams or providers. 


In all cases OOST tutor provision will be reviewed as part of a learners bespoke pastoral support plan (PSP) to help support them back to a fuller and broader learning offer in a phased and gradual way. 

How long will OOST work with learners for?

THE OOST tutors aim to work with the learner on a short-term basis and will join with the school, learner and their parents / carers at an initial Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) meeting to identify what the individual learning plan will look like.


There will be regular reviews of this plan. Parent / carers and learners all have a part to play in these meetings and plans. Some learners will have a short-term assessment offer and some learners may have learning support remotely / online, in the wellbeing hub or in school.


OOST will end when the learner is able to return to their school, or when they cease to be of school age (end of Year 11), or if an alternative provision better meets the learners needs. The PSP review will set out what the ending or transfer support is and will set out how OOST will close to the learner in a planned way.  SEMHP will be part of these OOST closure decisions.

What do the OOST tutors do?

The aim of the Inclusion Service is always to ensure that all Vale learners access a suitable full-time education that meets their needs as soon as they are able to, but for each learner how this looks will be different but will be a needs-based plan of provision as set out in the PSP.  


Subject to the terms of the SEMHP referral and targets identified in the PSP, a member of the OOST Team will listen to the learner and liaise with the relevant school in order to support the learner’s education on an individual basis. This may include for example, providing teaching support for GCSEs in Mathematics and English at Key Stage 4 or providing access to the Wales Essential Toolkit (WEST) to develop numeracy, literacy and digital skills.


School will continue to play a role in the learner’s education by setting up and attending PSP meetings, offering access to online learning and resources, enabling access to examinations etc. throughout the time OOST is offered.