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Period Dignity

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has been supporting families to ensure period dignity for women and girls from low income households.


Ongoing support has been provided and products have been available via schools, the 15plus team, youth wellbeing service and various housing partners.


Partnerships with third sector organisations, including food banks, community hubs, family centres etc. have been put into place to ensure access to period products, free of charge and accessible in the most practical and dignified way possible.


Please be aware that all Schools within the Vale of Glamorgan have Period dignity supplies for your child to access.


Period dignity collection points

Browse our map to view period dignity collection points in the Vale of Glamorgan. Click on a collection point to see the address, contact details and opening times for each location. 


Pick & Mix Dispenser Units

Period Dignity Stand Civic Offices


We have a number of ‘Pick & Mix’ Sanitary Dispensers within settings in the Vale of Glamorgan.


These allow members of the public to take sanitary items when they need them without having to ask specifically for them. The feedback for these Units so far has been very positive and highlights the need for products within the Community.


We currently have Dispenser Units based within the following settings:-




  • Reception area of the Civic Offices in Barry
  • Golau Caredig (Broad Street)
  • Barry Library
  • Barry Leisure Centre
  • Palmerston Adult Education Centre
  • Barry Hospital
  • Llantwit Foodshare - CF61
  • Coastlands Church - Vale Food Banks
  • Gibbonsdown Children's Centre
  • Flying Start Family Centre
  • Flying Start Ladybirds Playgroup -Holton Road School
  • Flying Start Red Robins Playgroup
  • Pencoedtre High School
  • Ysgol Y Deri 
  • Derw Newydd
  • Romilly Primary School 
  • Jenner Park Primary School
  • St Helens RC Primary School
  • Cadoxton Primary School
  • Oakfield Primary School
  • Victoria Primary School


Free products available for all pupils who have periods

Free period products can be delivered directly to pupils in a safe, practical and dignified way.  Please contact to request your free products providing the pupil name, school, year group and address in order to ensure we can respond as quickly as possible.


We are aware that some people cannot, should not or do not want to use certain products. Therefore a ‘standard’ offer of products is not appropriate. A variety of products, including environmentally friendly items, are therefore available on request. Please ask for the type of product that suits you best.


Our aim is to ensure that no-one slips through the net and there is provision available for all learners who have periods.


Education Resources

Welsh Government has worked with Keep Wales Tidy Eco Schools to provide resources for schools which will promote open discussion with young people and help break down the social stigma and taboos around periods and period products. The resources include information about sustainable alternatives to single use period products and the impact these can have on the environment.   


Sessions have also taken place within Schools, focusing on Primary Schools in the first instance, which highlight to pupils everything surrounding periods, cycles, use of products etc. Since January 2023 we have undertaken sessions within 95% of the Primary Schools in the Vale of Glamorgan. Years 7 & 8 pupils within Secondary Schools have also been offered these lessons. Each pupil who attends these sessions will be given a free bag of products to take home.

Eco- friendly Period Products

With the support of Welsh Government funding, families are supported to access period products including eco-friendly period products (i.e. re-usable products and/or plastic free).


Reusable sanitary pouches/bags containing items such as reusable pads and pants are distributed on demand via local projects. Although the Council cannot endorse or promote the use of any particular product over another, we are aware that families have had some difficulty in accessing these products.


We have nurtured good relationships with the following companies who all have eco-friendly credentials or small carbon footprints. We currently stock:- 


Single-use, disposable products:

  • TOTM - Tampons (cardboard applicator / non-applicator), pads regular & Super, pantyliners.

  • Grace & Green- Tampons regular & Super (cardboard applicator / non-applicator), pads, pantyliners.

  • Hey Girls – Tampons regular & Super, (cardboard applicator / non-applicator), pads, pantyliners.

  • Natracare - Tampons (cardboard applicator / non-applicator), pads, pantyliners.

Reusable pads

  • Cheeky Wipes / Pants

  • Femme Tasse

Period Pants (Reusable)

  • Cheeky Wipes / Pants

  • Femme Tasse

  • Rovtop

Menstrual Cups (Reusable)

  • Hey Girls

  • TOTM


Further information on this can be accessed by emailing:


Supporting Websites 

The Welsh Government has a Period Dignity Strategic Action Plan which can be found here:-