Period Dignity

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has been supporting families to ensure period dignity for women and girls from low income households throughout the pandemic.


Ongoing support has been provided and products have been available via schools food parcel distribution, the 15plus team, youth wellbeing service and various housing partners.


Partnerships with third sector organisations, including food banks, community hubs, family centres etc. have been put into place to ensure access to period products, free of charge and accessible in the most practical and dignified way possible.


£15 Supermarket Gift Card

Products are also readily available to all female pupils at school. During the summer holiday period, parents of secondary age girls in receipt of free school meals will receive a supermarket gift card for £15 that can be used for the sole purpose of purchasing period products.


These will automatically be issued for qualifying pupils with no need to claim.

Education Resources

Welsh Government has worked with Keep Wales Tidy Eco Schools to provide resources for schools which will promote open discussion with young people and help break down the social stigma and taboos around periods and period products. The resources include information about sustainable alternatives to single use period products and the impact these can have on the environment.   

Eco- friendly Period Products

With the support of Welsh Government funding, families are supported to access period products including eco-friendly period products (i.e. re-usable products and/or plastic free).


Reusable sanitary pouches/bags containing items such as reusable pads and pants are distributed on demand via local projects. Although the Council cannot endorse or promote the use of any particular product over another, we are aware that families have had some difficulty in accessing these products.


Single-use, disposable products:

  • TOTM - Tampons (cardboard applicator / non-applicator), pads, pantyliners.

  • Natracare - Tampons (cardboard applicator / non-applicator), pads, pantyliners.

  • Kind Organic - Tampons (cardboard applicator / non-applicator), pads, pantyliners.

  • Yoni - Tampons (cardboard applicator / non-applicator), pads and pantyliners.

  • Organyc - Tampons (cardboard applicator / non-applicator), pads and pantyliners (not their plant-based plastic applicators).

  • Hey Girls - Tampons, pads (not their plant-based plastic applicators).

Reusable pads

  • Bloom & Nora

  • Earthwise Girls

  • Eco Femme

  • Cheeky Wipes

  • Imse Vimse

  • Hey Girls

Period Pants (Reusable)

  • WUKA

  • Flux

  • Modibodi

  • Thinx

  • Cheeky Wipes

Menstrual Cups (Reusable)

  • Organicup

  • Mooncup

  • Diva Cup

  • Intimina

  • Hey Girls

  • TOTM

  • Kind Organic


Further information on this can be accessed by emailing: