Charles, Janice

Janice Charles



365 Barry Road


CF62 8HG


  • 07720 063573


Party details:

Welsh Conservative



Council Roles

  • Appeals Committee (until 6 June 2019)
  • Early Retirement and Redundancy Committee
  • Equalities Consultative Forum
  • Healthy Living and Social Care Scrutiny Committee
  • Public Protection Licensing Committee
  • Statutory Licensing Committee
  • Welsh Church Act Estate Committee

Outside Roles

  • Joint Council for Wales: Employers' Side
  • Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for Wales (RFCA)


Members Attendance

(From the Annual Meeting on 20 May 2019 to the Annual Meeting on 9 May 2020) 


Members Attendance
Appointed to the following at the Annual Meeting on 20 May 2019No. of Meetings   Held to DateAttended%AttendanceApologies Received
Council (including Annual Meeting)        
Early Retirement / Redundancy        
Healthy Living and Social Care Scrutiny        
Public Protection Licensing        
Statutory Licensing        
Welsh Church Act Estate        
Replaced on the following During the Municipal Year  No. of Meetings Held Whilst a Member  Attended % Attendance Apologies Received
Appeals (until 6 June 2019)  0      

Attendance at Meetings in Previous Municipal Years



Register of Interests

Ward: Illtyd