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Accessibility Strategy 2021-24 


The strategy outlines the council’s aims and commitments to improve:

  • The extent to which pupils with disabilities can participate in the schools’ curriculums

  • The physical environment of the schools

  • Access to Information - for pupils, carers and families

  • Communication and Transparency - being open and honest about what can be expected or achieved.


The Vale of Glamorgan Council is committed to ensuring that all pupils within its maintained schools and educational settings have every opportunity to attain the best possible outcomes. In order to achieve this ambition, it is essential that we ensure schools remain sustainable, reflect the needs of our local communities, and are equipped with the best possible learning environments. To support this, the council is undertaking a comprehensive programme of condition surveys of all schools in order to ensure all accessibility concerns are clearly identified. For further information on an individual school, please ask the school for their accessibility plan.


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The strategy will make clear the Council’s position on improving accessibility for disabled pupils and outlines schools’ responsibilities in meeting their requirements around accessibility including accessibility of the curriculum, the physical environment and information for pupils with disabilities. The Council is committed to ensuring that all children and young people are as fully engaged in their learning and development as is possible and this strategy will help ensure full inclusion of disabled children in a school environment.


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Vale of Glamorgan Accessibility Strategy 2021-24 (Accessibility for Disabled Pupils)


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