School Budget Forum

All Councils are required to have a Schools Budget Forum in accordance with Section 47A of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 as inserted by the Education Act 2002 and The Schools Budget Forums (Wales) Regulations.


Councils are required to consult their schools forum annually on:

  • Revisions to its Scheme for Financing Schools
  • The likely effect of any changes to the funding formula
  • Contracts for supplies and services that exceed the prescribed threshold for procurement
  • Service Level Agreements for the supply of goods and services by the Council to schools
  • Proposed changes to the factors and criteria which are taken into account or the methods, principles and rules to be adopted in relation to the formula for funding schools


The Council will also consult the forum on the financial implications of other areas of the Education and Schools’ delegated budget such as:

  • Arrangements for the education of pupils with Additional Learning Needs
  • Allocation and use of specific grants


The forum has a key role in developing understanding and promoting an effective dialogue between the Council and schools.


The Council, working in partnership with the Schools Budget Forum, values its contribution to the decision making process.


Schools Budget Forum Focus Groups


  • Review of Funding Formula - Primary Schools: Kelvin Law, Ceri Hoffrock and Gareth Rein
  • Formula Funding Review (Mainstream Schools)
  • Formula Funding Review (Special Schools)
  • Devolvement of SEN 1:1 LSA Support Staff to Primary schools
  • Review of SecondaryMLD funding and delegation of LSA's: Vince Browne, Tyrone Davies, Alec Lewis and Tim Exell 

Work Programme

  • Review of the Special Schools Funding Formula
  • Review of the Mainstream Schools Funding Formula
  • Review of the Post 16 funding allocation methodology
  • Review of the schools Long Term Supply Scheme
  • Reshaping Services Focus Group - Catering
  • Reshaping Services Focus Group - SEN
  • Grant funding monitoring
  • Analysis of the Green Book and Standard Spending Assessment


Timetable of Meetings

  • There are currently no upcoming meetings

It may be necessary at certain times of the year e.g. budget time (November to March) to hold more frequent meetings.  Likewise if there is a particular initiative or issue that needs more urgent attention then additional meetings may be arranged.


There may also be occasion to establish small ad hoc task and finish focus groups to look at and report on specific areas.  


If you would like to raise anything that is within the remit of the Schools Budget Forum, please contact your respective representative.


School Budget forum meetings
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Extraordinary Budget Forum 



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