Five things you need to know about sending your child to school, key workers and social distancing

Important information for parents employed in key worker roles


  • Dydd Sul, 22 Mis Mawrth 2020

    Bro Morgannwg


1. The latest scientific advice

The most recent scientific advice on how to further limit the spread of COVID-19 is clear. We must, as far as possible, minimise social contact and make sure that anyone who is particularly vulnerable to the virus is able to adopt strict social distancing. 


2. How does social distancing affect schools

To reduce mixing between different groups or settings we need to keep the number of children in educational, childcare and play settings to the smallest number possible.  


We also need to make sure children are not left with anyone who should be following stringent social distancing guidance, such as anyone over 70 or anyone with the specified underlying health conditions.


Keeping children safely in their home should limit the chance of the virus spreading and protect those vulnerable to more serious illness as a result of the virus.


3. What is the latest advice on key workers?

Please refer to the below list to check if you are eligible.


Key Worker Definition


Places in schools will be highly limited and only children of key workers should be attending during this time.


If you are classed as a key worker but are able to perform the critical parts of your job effectively when working from home, then you should do so.


Even for critical workers, provision will only be made in schools or other settings where there is no safe alternative for your family. 


4. I'm a key worker but my partner isn't. What should we do? 

If you are in a family where one parent is a critical worker but the other parent is not then the other parent should provide safe alternative arrangements at home when possible.


5. I’ve seen different advice from different councils. How are local authorities working to implement this?

Local authorities are doing everything they can to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.


They made and communicated plans based as part of an initial contingency to deal with the spread of coronavirus.


Those plans will now adapt and change as they respond to the latest guidance available to the Welsh Government.


For the very latest advice, please check our Covid19 updates page and the Welsh Government website.